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The Upper Engadine
This begins at the Maloji Pass with a chain of lakes running north-east–south-west: Lej da Segl (Lake Sils), famous for windsurfing, Lej da Silvaplauna (Lake Silvaplana), and Lej San Murezzan (Lake St. Moritz).
At the south-west end of the valley, the Maloja Pass drops precipitously down to Chiavenna in Italy through the Val Bregaglia, and then to Como.

Map Of Switzerland

Lake Maggiore (Isola Bella)

Lake Maggiore

In a part of Switzerland which has always been a magnet for visitors on account of its warmth and Mediterranean light, Lake Maggiore has been attracting visitors for over 100 years. The lake, which was a particular passion for Stendhal and other writers, seems to exert an irresistible fascination.
Here palm trees grow next to chestnuts.  Within a few kilometres you can leave behind the gentle shores of the lake with its lively towns and palm trees and discover the enchantment of the majestic green valleys, leading up to peaks of over 3,000 metres with glaciers and breathtaking Alpine scenery, dotted with little villages of stone houses hidden away in the chestnut forests, and traversed by rivers where the water is the colour of emerald.

View of Lake Lugano From Monte San Salvatore

The northern tip of the lake lies in Switzerland with two important towns, Locarno and Ascona.  Ascona is well known for its Jazz festival which is held at the end of June each year.
Whatever you do, don't miss the Borromean Islands - Isola Bella (see the baroque palace and gardens), Isola Pescatori (popular for its fishing and lake boats) and Isola Madre (with its stunning gardens).

Isola Bella

Lake Lugano
In Italy the lake is known as Lago di Lugano or Ceresi.  Lake Lugano is a glacial lake in the south east of Switzerland, at the border between Switzerland and Italy.  It is named after the city of Lugano and is situated between Lake Como and Lake Maggiore.
63% of the lake is in Switzerland whilst the remaining 37% is in Italy.  Bathing in the lake is allowed at any of the 50 or so bathing establishments located along the Swiss shores.

A View Of Morcote From Across The Lake


Morecote is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Ticino, situated about 10 kilometres from Lugano.

With its characteristic small alleys, the arcades of old Patrician homes, valuable architectural monuments and its natural beauty, the lakefront position, Morcote is considered "the Pearl of  Ceresio".

Worth visiting is the beautiful terraced cemetery  which overlooks the lake.  Many artists are buried here, among them Alexander Moissi (actor), Georges Baklanoff (Russian baritone), Georg Kaiser (German author) and Eugen d'Albert (German composer and pianist).


Cemetery Of Morcote

St Moritz

St. Moritz is located in the Upper Engadine valley on the Lake of St. Moritz in Switzerland. It is the part of Southern Alps and situated at 5624 ft (1856 m) above sea level and explores wonderful countryside & lakes of the Engadin. The city is surrounded by the magnificent peaks and has long-frequented mineral springs.

Its fair to say that most people will associate skiing with St Moritz, but don't be fooled, it has so much more to offer than this!


A must see event in St Moritz is White Turf, so if you happen to be at the apartment in February why not watch the Horse Races of St. Moritz.  The world famous White Turf, is the modern-day horse racing meeting that is renowned far beyond the Swiss borders. Staged since 1907 in its firmly established tradition, this year, too, White Turf offers a multitude of spectacular events.

White Turf is the fascination of the noble thoroughbreds from all over Europe that fly across the flattest racecourse in the world, carrying international jockeys sporting the colours of prestigious racing stables.  This is a sport of the highest calibre, featuring the most important horse race of the winter season.  www.whiteturf.ch

White Turf at St Moritz

Snowkiting In St Moritz
By using parachutes to capture wind Skiers are able to propel their skis or snowboards across the frozen lake Silvaplana near the ski resort of St. Moritz in Switzerland.
St. Moritz has 117 miles of trails meandering through the famous Engadine valley and along the resplendent, glittery shores of St. Moritz Lake.

Snowkiting In St Mortiz

Here it really does feel that time has stood still.  Particularly if you take the 45 minute ride through the stunning snow-covered scenery between Sils to Val Fex – probably the most beautiful side valley in the Engadine – in a horse-drawn sledge, snuggled up under layers of warm blankets.
The only sounds to be heard are the gentle breathing of the horses and the runners of the sledge gliding over the snow. Once there, enjoy the local delicacies and homemade cakes of the Hotels Crasta and Fex and before setting off on the return journey, take time for a walk along the prepared winter trails to the snow-covered Fex Glacier.  This is just one of the many things to do in Sils.
Other activities can be organised in Sils including Skiing, Snowboarding, Tobogganing, Walking and Mountaineering.  Its a beautiful place for sightseeing and the drive to Sils is magnificent.  Its not just about active sports!

Horse-Drawn Sledge Ride

Walking In Switzerland
If you love scenery and enjoy walking then this region offers a variety of walks.
Local tourist offices in Chiavenna and across the Swiss border have a variety of informative maps and itineraries for you to choose from.

Note Location Of Nearby Chiavenna (Lower Left Hand Corner)